You might have a lot of questions about hiring an MUA. Here’s a running list of my most frequently asked questions!

Why should I hire an MUA?

I know how expensive weddings and special events can be and things add up quickly! This causes many women to neglect some very important details – like a makeup artist! Hiring a makeup artist ensures that you can relax on the morning of your wedding or big event and not worry about having the right products, or executing a makeup look you don’t feel confident in or may not completely love. 

A professional makeup artist is 100% worth it, as they can ensure a beautiful and flawless makeup application, using professional products, and in a timely manner. This is one decision you won’t regret, as you look back on your photos in years to come and are still just obsessed with your timeless, glowing makeup look!

How do you sanitize your products?

All of the products I actively use during a session are completely sanitized in between each client. My entire makeup kit is 100% disinfected after every wedding or special event. 

What is the difference between sanitization and disinfection?

Sanitization – reduces the bacteria on the product’s surface

Disinfection – destroys or inactivates both the bacteria and the viruses on the product

During each makeup application, I do not ever let any product touch a person’s face that will not be disposed of afterward. For example, moisturizer is applied with a disposable sponge. Foundation is poured onto my palette and then applied to the face with a brush that will be sanitized afterward. Mascara and eyebrow gel are applied with disposable mascara wands, not the wands that come with the product (and each disposable wand is not put back into the tube after it has touched a client’s eyes). Lip products are mixed on a separate palette and then applied with a brush that will be sanitized afterward.

In between each client at the same event, I spray every product used with a cosmetic sanitizing mist. I also clean every brush with the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser. (Love this stuff because it sanitizes and also dries quickly, so I am ready for the next client in a flash!)

After I am finished with a wedding or special event, I clean my entire kit back at home! This includes wiping down everything (including the suitcase itself!) with disinfecting wipes. I spray every product with 70% isopropyl alcohol. I deep-clean each makeup brush with bar soap and warm water until each brush is completely clean and brand new!

What do you charge?

Click the link below to see my current rates!

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Do you travel?

Absolutely! I have traveled down the street and across states to do makeup! I am 100% willing to meet you where you are. 

I do charge a travel fee of $0.50/mile outside of a 20 mile round trip radius of Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is where I am based.

Do I need a bridal trial?

I do not require you to book a bridal trial in order for me to do your makeup for your wedding. However, I couldn’t recommend it more! A bridal trial will help both me and you feel more confident coming into your big day.

During your bridal trial, we will talk about the theme and look of your wedding, and what you want from a makeup look! This is the time to show me inspiration pictures so I can get a better idea of exactly what you do and do not want in your look. We will go step by step through your whole face and change/retry what we need to until you are excited and happy with the results! Then, I always ask my clients to watch how their makeup looks throughout the day to see how it holds up and looks in different lighting and report back with any changes they want!

Plus, I offer you a discounted rate when you book my “Bridal Package”, which includes a bridal trial at a lesser cost than it would be to book two separate sessions with me.

Do you do airbrush makeup?

No, I do not offer airbrush makeup and I do not plan on doing so in the future. Airbrush Makeup is just a different way of applying foundation. In my opinion, there is no difference in the result of makeup that is applied with airbrush than makeup applied with a brush or sponge. The important thing about your base is that high-quality products are used by a trained professional. If those two things are done, I promise you will love the outcome!

On top of this, applying airbrush makeup requires extra training and expensive equipment that would cause me to be forced to raise my prices significantly, which I do not believe would be worth it for the result.

Do you do hair?

No, I do not offer hair services. I am not trained in doing so, so I do not feel comfortable attempting hair services. I can give you the names of other talented artists I recommend if you reach out!

How long do you need to complete each client?

I like to allow myself at least 45 minutes/client. Sometimes I may need a little more time, sometimes a little less, but 45 minutes is usually the perfect amount of time to apply makeup and sanitize afterward before the next client.

How do I secure my booking with you?

After you reach out to me about your date (whether via my website, IG, email, etc.), I will send you my contract with instructions. Once that contract is filled out, signed, and sent back to me, you will be booked with me!

But don’t worry if you need a bit of time to finish the contract! Once we’ve spoken, I won’t just book over you with someone that inquires after you without contacting you first.

Should I show you inspiration photos I found online or on Pinterest?

Yes yes yes! Inspiration photos are super helpful to me as a makeup artist. When you show me one, I will usually ask specifically what you like about it and if there is anything you don’t like about it, to make sure we are on the same page. Extra bonus points if you have an inspiration photo from my own portfolio!

What brand(s) of makeup do you carry in your kit?

I have a super wide variety of makeup brands in my kit. I have spent years building up my makeup kit and adding products and taking products out to ensure I am happy with what I have and offer. I cannot give you a definitive list of products used, as it is ever-changing! I have many “cheaper” (in price, not quality) products, as well as many more expensive products. The important thing to me is that each product is high-quality and long-lasting!

Feel free to reach out and ask if there is a specific product you are wondering about!

Can you do my eye makeup only?

No, at this time I do not offer services to just do eye makeup. I offer a full-service makeup experience, and I do not believe I can always be satisfied with the full results if I have not done everything myself. It may not seem like it, but makeup really needs to be very cohesive, meaning the base on your face does affect your eyes, and vice versa. I only want to put my name on something that I feel 100% confident in, which requires me to complete your entire face!