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5 Reasons Makeup Is Awesome (for those who just don’t get it)

By May 31, 2018August 6th, 2018Makeup

reasons makeup is awesome with makeup in the backgroundOf all the hobbies out there – I just might have chosen one of the most egotistical ones.  Or so it is usually perceived.

The entire makeup and beauty industry is highly disdained by outside onlookers. Many view makeup as a self-absorbed time waster that women use solely as a vain attempt to attract the male gaze. I have received my fair share of eye-rolls, pathetic chuckles and snide comments as I express my passion for all things makeup and beauty.

Is it wrong? Am I wrong to love and be passionate about applying excessive amounts of makeup to my face? Am I wrong in feeling excited and happy as I try out different makeup products and techniques? Am I wrong to spend time researching, reading and watching about the latest trends and styles?

I am going to answer those questions with a resounding NO! And I’ll tell ya why.  I have five reasons why makeup isn’t a time waster, why it isn’t always narcissistic and why it just simply isn’t stupid – as many may try and tell you.

Skeptical about this whole makeup thing? Read on, please!

1. Makeup is a creative artform

bridal makeup fort wayne artistrySome draw, some paint, some design, some create ceramics, some apply makeup.  The world of art is vast and beautiful, and we should not limit it to only the avenues we are used to. Talented artists use their form to express themselves and offer beauty to the world, and makeup is no different!

When I am doing someone’s makeup (or my own), I am usually having the time of my life.  It is simply fun for me to paint a face and create different looks, all while challenging myself to constantly improve in new and better techniques! This is no different than many other art forms, though we view it as an ego trip, simply because we are applying it to our own faces. This simply isn’t true.

2. Makeup is a form of self-expression and character

Abby doing Alethea's lipsSpeaking of expression….express yo’self!

I have never been the best artist.  In fact, I’m pretty crappy and any type of painting or drawing. It’s honestly an anomaly to me how I ended up getting into makeup, but I’ll take it.

Despite my non-artistic past, I have truly found such a creative outlet in makeup, and I love expressing myself in this way! From everyday looks to high-fashion runway beauty, God has allowed us to display His beauty through an art form that we get to apply directly to ourselves.  How fun is that!

Every makeup artist even has their own style and character, that is so fun to discover while observing their art.  As you get more familiar with makeup (or if you already are), you may find yourself discovering your own style and character, and developing looks through that process.

Art is art, and if you are enjoying yourself, challenging yourself and creating beauty, all while doing your makeup, then keep going, girlfriend! Makeup should never define who you are, but neither should any other hobby.  Express your God-given talents!

3. Makeup can be a harmless confidence booster

So now let’s get to the main point most negative nancy’s are thinking….isn’t makeup just super vain and conceited?  And I totally get where you’re coming from, because it definitely can be. Any type of hobby or talent can become a source of pride and a negative outlet for those who let it take them away that far.

However, to feel confident, beautiful and powerful in a bomb makeup look, isn’t anything less than awesome.  Of course I feel better about myself when I have my makeup completely put together, who wouldn’t!? It’s natural to want to do things to feel beautiful. Wearing the latest clothes, beautiful jewelry pieces, and coolest hairstyles are the same way.  Nobody should make you feel less about yourself for harmlessly enjoying a little confidence booster.

Here’s my tip to avoiding the narcissism: remind yourself of your value without makeup.  Go days (multiple days) without makeup, and teach yourself how to feel confident and excited without it.  Every morning, wake up and remind yourself of the value God has given you as His child, and how much you have to offer the world through Him and His strength.

Then, go put on a smokey eye and red lip and rock the day!

4. It’s always enjoyable to master a new hobby

I have been doing makeup since I was a wee babe. Yes, you read that right. Being in dance for my entire life, I started wearing lipstick, blush and blue eyeshadow by the time I was five.  I knew how to apply my false lashes without looking in the mirror by the time I was 12 (okay, and maybe with a bit of help from mom.) I could whip my hair up into a smooth ballet bun in thirty seconds flat.  I’m no stranger to makeup and beauty.

Ever since I was little, I have simply loved the art of makeup.  And as I grow older, I find myself striving to perfect my craft. Many times, you will find me practicing a new eye look or trying out a new face product in front of the mirror, even if I have absolutely nowhere to go.  There’s been many a time where I have spent over an hour mastering one eye of makeup, only to take it off minutes later because it was time for bed!

Makeup is so fun for me, and I enjoy perfecting my hobby.  The same way you may enjoy perfecting your hobby of sewing, gardening, painting, or playing a sport.  Practice makes perfect, and pushing yourself to increase your talents is good for the brain and for the soul.

5. Makeup is beautiful

Alright people, and obviously, let’s just enjoy makeup for what it is: stunningly beautiful.  I have had my jaw drop to the floor while scrolling through some of my favorite makeup artist’s Instagrams.  God has blessed so many people with some insane talent, and it is so fun to see!

Even everyday, simple looks provide so much beauty to this world, by highlighting the features God has given every person; make beautifully in His image. Instead of criticizing artists for being obsessed with their looks, let’s step back and enjoy how stunning their art is!

As I have said, with almost anything in life, makeup can be taken too far and can be abused.  However, with the right attitude and focus, let’s enjoy makeup for what it is: a beautiful art form that God has intended for us to enjoy!

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